Working method

Introduction Presentation
of the plan
of the plan
Presentation of
quotations and
of the wishes
Detailed plans Technical
of development
of maintenance
of the area
Quotation Instruction
of management
of price
and quality
Design plan
Action plan


Besides that we gladly want to inform you about the work and the working methods of Slager Groenadvies BV, we also want you to sample the atmosphere of the area and the environment. Also we will take time to informally discuss the ideas and wishes that you may have as well as your points of view to be able to draw the appropriate proposals. Finally we will give our vision on your garden. Then we draw up an agreement on the approach and the costs.

Drawing up an inventory of the area
Historical research
Design plan
Action plan

Slager Groenadvies BV draws a design for your garden. In order to accomplish this, a good overview of the area is necessary. Not only the dimensions and the location of the building but also the location of adult trees and other elements will be measured in order to draw the appropriate design. We perform historical research should be there any reason to. This approach among other things made an important contribution to the development of the estate near Århus. Finally we make an action plan to give a good impression of necessities to develop the plan.

Presentation of the plan

The result of the research as well as the design will be discussed into finer detail. The design will be submitted to you as a map. From this plan the suggested forms and elements will be developed as well as the consistency of the design. More ever we will give an overview of aimed atmosphere by means of photographs and sketches. We will also explain the plan on the site to give a better impression of the proposed layout. After you are totally convinced of the quality of the plan, the action plan as well as the work to be done the final plan will be drawn by mutual agreement. The details of the plan such as your ideas regarding the proposed materials and the colours of the flowers, etc. will be fully discussed with you.

Detailed plans
Detail developments
Planting proposal

The plan will be developed based on your information; how the surface will look and how the various elements connect to each other. We make detail drawings of all construction plans and an assortment plan for the trees and plants.

Plan development discussion

In this discussion we will give you a detailed outline of the plan by means of the drawings made for this purpose. Photographs are often used for the planting plan to get a clear idea of the meant type of planting. After completing your wishes the preparation is ready to start.

Technical details
Price and quality comparison

In order to make a good estimate everything must be crystal clear to the contractor. Clarity regarding the result and quality prevents surprises during the work. For this reason a precise computation is necessary. This certainly applies to teamwork to develop the most beautiful park or to create the most beautiful garden. Based on discussions with the various contractors, their technical solutions and their proposals, then the best contractor will be chosen. In order to reach the best result several meetings would be necessary.

Presentation quotations and proposal of contractors

The result of the best quotation and proposal will be discussed with you. The final quotation will be discussed with the contractor in order to reach the final work agreements.

Supervising development
Instruction management

We keep an intensive contact with the contractor during the work in order to see to it that the quality of the work will be maintained. We will answer his questions and solve the technical and practical problems, which may occur, in mutual agreement with you.


Finally the time has come: the garden is finished. In other words: the garden is ready to grow. We would like to raise a glass with you and the contractors.

Supervising maintenance

Now the garden will start to develop. As much as you do, we want that in approximately 5 to 10 years from now the desired effect will be reached. Together with your gardener we will go around your garden in order to give the proper instructions and if required to discuss further refinement possibilities.