Project examples

Eastern Jutland, Denmark

Splendidly situated on the headland of Horsensford lies the agricultural company and estate. The fabulous views onto the sea where the starting point for the design of the park and the courts.

De Baest

In 380 acres of large forest with brooks around the mediaeval house a park has been laid out that honours the rich history of the area as well as the wishes of the inhabitants.

Oud Turnhout, Belgium

Along the old beech lane on the edge of the forest lays the presbytery homestead owned by the Kantelberg family. The gardens and courts around the homestead are finished and the forest will be transformed into a forest landscape.


The old farm and the love of its owner for modern art are the basis of this unique garden where traditional principles in a modern manner form the context for the objects of art.

Estate near Ã…rhus, Denmark

Despite of the changes through the centuries the original baroque layout of the gardens remain. The baroque terrace garden is the result of the new design.