Estate near Århus

Project example: Estate near Århus, Denmark

The house on this estate at the border of Århus on Jutland, Denmark has been waiting for its new owner and destination for decades. If you are standing right in front of it you can hardly believe that. Of course, the house did not improve by the many renovations and the garden had, due to lack of maintenance, grown into a wilderness.

Despite all this it is a splendid ensemble, the main house that is situated 15 meters higher than the swampy brook that flows into sea and its annexes. The house and the terraces are surrounded by many old trees. The park is bordered by ancient linden. Although not many of the drawings of the gardens remained, nevertheless from measuring the area as well as from the few descriptions found, an original baroque structure was recognised.

Slager Groenadvies BV is glad to be able to convince the owner to layout the new park based on these baroque structures. The shape of the garden invites for that purpose, as well as the spectacular view from the house onto the much lower situated park. Because a baroque terrace is very expensive in maintenance, provisionally we choose for a layout of the main structures. These are formed by the steps and paths over the axles, the lime-trees and hedges, and the enclosing channels with its bridges. This had been realised in spring of 2003. On a later stage the garden will be improved with a terrace and a pavilion at the end of axle overlooking the marshes.

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